Tuesdays with Morrie

Please read the following background materials on death

Based on these ideas on death and after your reading of Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. here is a reading guide and a range of websites for you to explore


Here are some video clips that are also effective in elucidating your understanding of the text

http://mitchalbom.com/books/node/3856- Please check out all the news audio and media clips on this final website

Some thoughts on review prompts....
1. Who got more out of their Tuesday meetings, Mitch or Morrie? What did each of them learn as they met?
2. How did Mitch change during the book? Did your opinion of Mitch change? How?
3. Do you think Mitch would have listened if Morrie hadn't been dying? Do we listen to people who are dying in a different way? Do their words carry special importance?
4. How is the hibiscus plant in Morrie's study a metaphor for his life as well as for life in general?
5. Why did Mitch always bring food when he went to visit Morrie? Discuss the importance of this ritual.
6. Does reading this book make it easier to talk about dying?
7. What would you have said to Morrie if you had had the opportunity to visit him? What would you have asked him?
8. Has there been an adult in your life who has had a significant impact on your thinking, your values or lifestyle and who therefore helped you to become the person you are?
9. Morrie referred to himself as a bridge, a person between life and death, which made him useful to others as a tool to understand both. Talk about the literary, political or religious figures who have also served this purpose.
10. What or who inspired Morrie's passion for books, education and people?

A few other useful resources

Complete a book review of no less than 800 words using the above questions as guide to
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